No better way to stay in Prague than with Airbnb

At the beginning of may, me and my boyfriend decided that we wanted to get out of Vienna for a couple of days. Since Austria is perfectly located in the midst of some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the decision wasn’t that easy. In the end we decided to spend a weekend in Prague.

When we got to the accommodation booking part though, we realized that, booking a week in advance at the peak of spring break isn’t helping with finding affordable but still livable and nicely located hotel or hostel rooms. After about 15 minutes of „no way, I’m not sleeping in a 8 people mixed dorm this time“, I remembered the great experiences I had with airbnb during my last travels to Dublin and Rovinj, so I decided to have a look , what airbnb offered in Prague.

I was amazed, there was at least 15 accommodations in my „wish list“ within 10 minutes. All of them were located in the center of Prague, all of them had amazing ratings and feedback and best of all, the prices for staying were even lower than what the hostels I found charged for a 8 people dorm.

We picked our favorite and wrote an Email to the host. Only an hour later we had our reply and the confirmation that the room was ours for the weekend.

A special hint for all of you who consider booking an Airbnb accommodation:
Airbnb gives you a 20 euros voucher if you invite a friend, and this friend books with Airbnb. Also the friend who accepts your invite and books with the link you sent him/her, gets a 20 euro voucher. Since I was already on Airbnb, I just had to send an invite to my boyfriend and we ended up paying even less. 🙂

When we got to Prague, we had some troubles with finding a free parking space ( in a lot of areas in Prague you can’t park, or you can only park for a few hours). So we ended up getting there late, our host , who left work especially to meet us in the apartment, was extremely understanding , trusting and considerate. She left the keys for us in a nearby restaurant and we just had to pick it up there.

We realized when we got to our booked room, that it wasn’t simply a room, but a whole apartment. Our host wasn’t spending the weekend in Prague, so we ended up living there on our own and her two gorgeous cats. This was definitely the best way to experience Prague for the first time. We felt like we moved there.

A bunk couldn’t possibly compete with that! 😉

The apartment was located in one of the best neighborhoods in Prague, we were surrounded by dozens of great restaurants and pubs and the famous Charles Bridge was about 5 minutes walking distance away.

Looking back at the neighborhood we were staying at. Malá Strana.

I highly recommend Airbnb for finding the best places to stay in Prague. Coming home to your huge and beautiful apartment (and your two cute weekend-cats) was definitely far better than returning to a hostel dorm with snoring and drunk spring-breakers in the bunk next to you.

You can even spot the roof of our apartment building! 😉