Fall in Vienna

Vienna is beautiful all year round, but during fall and spring I always feel like it got some extra bit of sparks.  Since spring is long past and the next one not really around the corner, I am focusing all my vienna-love on fall. It’s only the end of september but when strolling around town you can already see the leaves turn and slowly but steady the whole city is going to turn golden. For me, fall is always a time of new beginnings. It’s the start of the new semester at uni and I usually return to vienna from my summer in Upperaustria or abroad. This time of the year I always feel like I’m full of energy ,zest for action and ready to conquer the world.

Golden Vienna
Golden Vienna

So far I loved every single fall in vienna, there is so many things to do and after the hot summer days where you basically spend all your time either inside (where there is air conditioning) or at some kind of beach or swimming pool, the temperature is perfect again to stroll around town all day and actually DO things. 🙂

So, today (and since it’s sooo much, probably in my next post 😉 ) I’m going to let you know what kind of things I love to do on a saturday in Vienna.
First thing I’m thinking about on a saturday morning is „Where do I want to go for Breakfast?“ Viennas breakfast and brunch scene is booming in the last few years. I usually check  blogs like Die Frühstückerinnen  or  various Instagram accounts (Breakfastinvienna, Viennaeats) to get inspired.  Since I’m vegetarian I don’t really go to traditional Cafés, but instead love to go to modern, mostly young ones. They always have something for me on their menue! 😉
Some of my absolute favorites are:
Ulrich Cafe (they even give you blankets, so you can still sit outside and enjoy the unique charm of the Ulrichsplatz.)
Das Augustin ( they have a house cat that , when you’r lucky, comes up to you so snuggle a bit while you are there.)
Neni am Naschmarkt (Naschmarkt is always a good idea! 🙂 )
Motto am Fluss (great location, but make sure to make reservations)

My favorite breakfast choice at the Ulrich.
My favorite breakfast choice at the Ulrich. „The big Easy“.

Next stop usually includes a park stroll, my absolute favorite is the Augarten, I love walking around those gorgeous alleys, looking at the Flaktürme.

Flakturm in the Augarten
Flakturm in the Augarten

Since it’s saturday and the shops are open, I always take some time for (window)shopping. The main shopping streets in vienna are usually crazy packed on saturday, so I avoid those and instead explore smaller streets. There are so many unique and awesome little shops all over vienna. Some of my favorite discoveries lately are the neighborhood around the westlicht museum. I totally fell for all the vintage camera shops around this area , especially the Leicashop  I also love browsing through book shops like the Walther König.

For my daily afternoon coffee ( I’m Viennese, I can’t go without a coffeebreak at least once every afternoon) I have a few places I absolutely love. On top of my list is the Pure Living Bakery ( Best cappuccino ever, and they even make the foam look like a teddy bear!) and the coffee pirates ( their coffee is absolutely amazing and they have a huge coffee mill in the middle of the room).

Teddy Cappuccino at the Pure Living Bakery!
Teddy Cappuccino at the Pure Living Bakery!

After my (by then badly needed) caffeine dose, I’m ready for some culture, history or art. Thankfully vienna has plenty of those to offer! 🙂 There are so many museums and art galleries in vienna, that I haven’t had time to visit them all yet, but my latest favorites are the Westlicht  and the 21erHaus.

More in my next post! 🙂 For more vienna pictures:


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At first, the word uncertainty seems to be something negative. It’s commonly associated with fear, uneasiness, doubt and often even anger. Thinking of my personal moments of uncertainty, I have to admit, those feelings above are no strangers to me. None the less, I couldn’t say that uncertainty is always a bad thing for me. There are some kinds of uncertainties that I even love, that I couldn’t live without . One of those is the feeling of uncertainty you get when backpacking through a foreign country. When you just travel from place to place, no certain destination in mind, when you just go wherever your journey takes you. When you don’t know if and where you’ll be sleeping in a proper bed for the next time or if you’ll be able to take a shower and brush your teeth within the next week (not counting the water from the bottle option 😉 ). When you don’t know if you’ll meet people you’ll get along with or if you’ll be on your own for a couple of days or even weeks.
I love being on the road and I love the uncertainty of not knowing what happens next , which usually comes with this type of traveling.

Another kind of uncertainty I truly wouldn’t want to miss, is the one that comes with a new love. When you just met and you don’t know when you’ll hear from him/her next or if he/she thinks of you as often as you do about him/her. When you don’t know yet how your story will go on, if it’s going to be a novel or just a short-story. When you value every single moment with this special person, because you don’t know yet if it will last a while or not. I love the thrill that comes with the uncertainty of a new romance.
As mentioned above, I am not a fan of all kinds of uncertainties… but I think, even the ones that make you feel uneasy or angry are adding a bit of thrill to life.