At first, the word uncertainty seems to be something negative. It’s commonly associated with fear, uneasiness, doubt and often even anger. Thinking of my personal moments of uncertainty, I have to admit, those feelings above are no strangers to me. None the less, I couldn’t say that uncertainty is always a bad thing for me. There are some kinds of uncertainties that I even love, that I couldn’t live without . One of those is the feeling of uncertainty you get when backpacking through a foreign country. When you just travel from place to place, no certain destination in mind, when you just go wherever your journey takes you. When you don’t know if and where you’ll be sleeping in a proper bed for the next time or if you’ll be able to take a shower and brush your teeth within the next week (not counting the water from the bottle option 😉 ). When you don’t know if you’ll meet people you’ll get along with or if you’ll be on your own for a couple of days or even weeks.
I love being on the road and I love the uncertainty of not knowing what happens next , which usually comes with this type of traveling.

Another kind of uncertainty I truly wouldn’t want to miss, is the one that comes with a new love. When you just met and you don’t know when you’ll hear from him/her next or if he/she thinks of you as often as you do about him/her. When you don’t know yet how your story will go on, if it’s going to be a novel or just a short-story. When you value every single moment with this special person, because you don’t know yet if it will last a while or not. I love the thrill that comes with the uncertainty of a new romance.
As mentioned above, I am not a fan of all kinds of uncertainties… but I think, even the ones that make you feel uneasy or angry are adding a bit of thrill to life.



Autor: lileeanna

Currently living in Vienna, passionate about traveling the world ,Social Media, Cheesecake and Soulmates.

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