5 things I love about staying in Hostels

I love traveling, I always did and from the moment I was able to make my own decisions on travel plans, I never booked into a normal hotel or a club again. I mean, don’t get me wrong, for a few occasions, let’s say , a honeymoon or a romantic weekend getaway, I would really love spending a few days in a luxurious hotel room with a bathtub, room service and most of all PRIVACY. But for the rest of my travels, I would always prefer staying in hostels.

Picture taken in Minka, Colombia.

For those of you who haven’t stayed in hostels yet , this might come shocking ,  because hostels are usually associated with noisy, drunk bunk neighbors and tiny, packed and often unhygienic bathrooms , also for a lot of people, it’s just the LAST option (in case of lack of money) they’d take when traveling.


Casa Loma, Minca, Colombia.

But for those of you who have some hostel experiences already, you might understand me. Because, there is no way you could ever meet so many open minded and fun people in a hotel. Not only because, there is no way so many people would spend time in a hotel lobby instead of their cozy, awesome and pricey hotel rooms.
This is different in a hostel. In the evening, hardly anybody stays in their room ( or being more accurate) in their bunk.  Everybody is eager to be somewhere nicer and also, hearing all the guitar sounds, singing and chatting from the common room , hardly anybody would want to stay alone all night.

Paradiso Hostel in Nelson, New Zealand.

I’ve been staying in quite a lot of hostels by now and I have to admit, not all of those nights I love to look back at. There was some pretty nasty things happening sometimes and there was a lot of awkward moments as well.  But for me, that’s part of traveling, because in the end you’ll def. have more stories to tell and learn more about yourself and also your fellow travelers  when staying in a hostel, rather than a hotel.

Dinner at the Paradiso, New Zealand.


So here are my top 5 things I love about hostels:

  1. When you travel solo for a while, there will be times when you feel lonely and sometimes even kind of lost. So, when staying in a hostel, you can be sure, that there is always going to be somebody who is up for cooking together, drinking (cheap) alcohol with you or at least there will be somebody who plays the guitar all day long.
  2. You always find out new things about the place you’ve been traveling to when talking to fellow travelers in hostels. There is always the obligatory long-term backpacker , who already knows all the tricks to get the most out of everything at the lowest cost. Then there is usually somebody who read all the travel guides there is, so you can ask that person anything. There is at least one who made friends with a bunch of locals already, who of course know the best and most beautiful things to do and see anyway. And best of all, there is a lot of other travelers who are as eager to explore as you are.
  3. There is always somebody who bakes bread or brownies for everybody to share. ( but you know… beware of the brownies)
  4. Hostels are by faaaar cheaper than hotels and the times where there are only shappy and disgusting hostels to choose from are OVER. With a little research you’ll be able to find gorgeous hostels all over the world, which come with all the benefits listed above and even comfort.
  5. If you are up for party, you don’t need to go far. Almost all the hostels I’ve stayed in did have a hostel bar ( or at least they sold alcohol and put on music) So , If you are tired from exploring all day long, but still want to have a few drinks, music and social interaction, check out the hostel bar.
Gorgeous Hostel in Cancun, Mexico.

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