Angkor Express Boat Tour

„Tonle Sap Lake“

Going from Siem Reap to Battambang by “speed“ boat was one of the most impressive things to me while I was traveling Cambodia.
I have to say that I’m not a very patient person, I’m that kind of girl who keeps asking “when are we there“, “how far is it“ and so on because I just can’t stand sitting somewhere doing absolutely nothing. Since we just had 3 weeks to travel around Cambodia anyway, I did not think of it as a good idea to waste that much time on a boat trip, but it turned out that it was definitely worth every second.


„cruising down the river“

We left Siem Reap at around 7 a.m. the ticket cost around $20 per person and it was supposed to take us 6 hours (it actually took us around 9 hours because the water level was very low). Another possibility to get to Battambang is by bus, which takes 5 hours I think.
If you’re looking for a comfortable way to travel and high safety standards you’re definitely wrong on this boat – you get to sit on hard wooden benches and the engine is really loud in the back of the boat, but that didn’t bother me at all.
We were crossing the Lake for about one hour and a half then we went down the river, where we passed lots of small fishing villages. After a short stop at a floating village, where you can buy some cold drinks and coconuts, we kept going further south.


Yum, I just loved those coconuts
„fishing net close to a small fishing village“

The landscapes and birds we got to see were just amazing. I was also very impressed by the people living there, everyone was smiling in a very warm way, all of those cute little kids were playing in the mud and in the water, laughing and waving at the people on the boat. It was just really nice and relaxing to watch!



„floating village – people are going everywhere just by boat (even kids by themselves) – there were swimming schools, supermarkets and even churches“


Aren’t they just gorgeous?

Finally we arrived in Battambang, this did not seem like 9 hours to me at, time went by so fast. I think I should have used sun blocker instead of LSF20 though 😉

All in all this was a really great way to travel and I would definitely recommend it to everybody looking for good pictures and a great adventure.


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