DIY: Build your own euro pallet dresser

Hey everybody,

since Kerstin and I are more than just passionate traveler, we decided to show you some of the other things we love to spend our time with. We will write about those in our occasional RANDOM FRIDAY posts! 🙂  We hope you like them.

Today we will show you how to build your own euro pallet dresser.

What do you need?

  • 2 x strips of wood which are 120cm long just like your euro pallet
  • 6 x screws not longer than 3cm
  • 4 x legs for your dresser (I got them at IKEA for around 12€)
  • 6 x pieces of wood 38x97x2cm for the fronts of the drawers
  • 12 x pieces of wood 38x56x1cm for the sides of the drawers
  • 6 x pieces of wood 36x56x1cm for the backs of the drawers
  • 24 x iron nails around 4cm long for the drawers
  • Lots of small iron nails to fix the bottom of the drawers
  • 6 x pieces of wood (you can use the back of an old closet or dresser) 39x36x0,5cm for the bottom of the drawers
  • 6 x handles for the drawers and 6 screws to fix them (they usually include screws) – if not you need 6 screws that fit for your handles
  • 6 x screws at least 14 cm long (they can be 20 cm too, that doesn’t matter)
  • 6 x screws at least 20 cm long

bild1 (2)


And the most important thing you will need are two euro pallets, you should get some really old ones to give your dresser a neat vintage look. (The two pieces in on the right bottom , you will get out of your pallets – I will explain that to you later in step number 3)


bild2 (2)
Step 1

First step – cut your pallets right after the middle blocks – you will need the two parts in the fronts later so put them aside.


bild3 (2)
Step 2

Try to tear apart the other two pieces with a pinch bar – but be careful, they are screwed together really tight! The most important things are the blocks, try not to destroy them J if the other pieces break – don’t worry, you can use any wood you want too! If they don’t break, you can use them for the drawers – so you don’t need to get extra wood for the drawers listed at the first step!


bild4 (1)
Step 3


Those are the top boards of picture step 1 (I marked them with an arrow) you will need three pieces with length 47cm. If those boards broke in step number three you can use some other wood which has to be 47×14,5×2 cm!

bild5 (2)
Step 4


  1. Those are the two wooden strips (from the „what you need“ picture) – they go into the holes of the pallet with the 3cm screws
  2. Screw the loose blocks and the boards you cut in step number 3 on one of the pallet pieces you put aside (with the screws 14cm long – don’t place the screws in the middle of the blocks!)
  3. Screw the other pallet piece on – with the 20cm screws – place the screws in the middle of the block, they are going to stay visible!
  4. Fix the legs


bild6 (1)
Step 5

This is the easiest way to build drawers

  1. Nail the back onto the sides
  2. Nail the front onto the sides (leave 1cm on each side of the front)
  3. Nail the bottom onto the sides and the back
  4. Fix the handles


bild7 (1)
Put the drawers into the dresser-congrats 🙂 you’re finished.


Last I stained the wood with ebony wood stain, applied wood finish and let it dry over night! 🙂


bild8 (2)
Almost done
bild9 (1)
Stained the wood and applied the finish- this has to dry over night.







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    1. Danke! 🙂 War e eine ordentliche Herausforderung! 😉 Aber mit viel Liebe und ein bisschen handwerklichem Geschick geht das schon! 😉

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