Vienna never ceases to amaze me!

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I am currently writing on an E-Book travel guide about my beloved Vienna. Some of you might question that, since I hardly ever wrote about Vienna here. To be honest, I haven’t gotten to write on this blog regularly in a while. (Will change that as soon as the travel guide is finished! 😉 A pinky promise I made to myself)
So WHY am I mentioning the whole travel guide thing now? Because I realized today, that, since I’m working on that project, I learned so much about my city and started to love it more every single day.


The same thing happened when I started with Instagram. I started to roam the city on a daily basis, discovering new corners, beautiful ones and ugly ones, every day. So , even though, it is hard work sometimes, because, well… one got to live off something too and make money doing real jobs as well, I love how much this whole writing about Vienna thing changed my relationship with my city. I keep looking at it through touristy eyes more often than not and the beauty of it never ceases to mesmerize me.
It’s like, I’ve overcome that dull feeling of routine that sometimes creeps into one’s life, especially when you live and work in a place for some time.
It’s only normal I guess, that people are usually more impressed by cities they visited on vacation, than the one they are living in. There is simply not enough time next to work, family and friends to enjoy the place you are living in, in a touristy kind of way forever. BUT – as I found out now, as soon as you are starting to be a tourist in your own town, it feels like you are traveling anyway.  Neighborhoods you haven’t seen yet, restaurants you haven’t been to, amazing architecture right in front of your home – you start to realize, that the city you call your home changes continually and that there is always something new to explore and discover.

Stumbled over a fancy wedding ceremony at the Volksgarten
How cute are those stores? ❤
Early morning vibes at Maria Theresien Platz

For those of you, who want to see more of my life in Vienna – have a look at my Instagram account! 🙂  And I’ll definitely let you know once my guide is published! 😉


Autor: lileeanna

Currently living in Vienna, passionate about traveling the world ,Social Media, Cheesecake and Soulmates.

2 Kommentare zu „Vienna never ceases to amaze me!“

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 It will be available on amazon and the ibookstore 🙂 But I’ll also try to get some more info about Vienna on the blog once the travel guide is published ! 🙂

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