On finishing …


I don’t know how you feel about it, but to me there is hardly anything more satisfying than finishing a project. Be it a puzzle I’ve been working on for what seems like ages, a thesis for university or a genuine project of the heart.

I’ve been working on all three of those in the last half a year and a while ago I was able to finish at least ONE of them. (No … it’s not the puzzle! 😉 )
I finished the travel guide I wrote for Booktrip.de.

This project was something I started at a pretty difficult time of my life. A time when a breakup with my then boyfriend was one of the minor problems I had to face.
I was stressed out with work, I had too much on my plate and I struggled with about every single decision I made in my life up to then.

I thought of this project as some kind of refuge, something that had nothing to do with the rest of my chores and responsibilities.
I started to sit down at my laptop after a nine hour day at work or university and worked on this project whenever I could.

I did a lot of research on Vienna and learned a lot about the city I’m calling home for 7 years now.  Sometimes I felt like I didn’t know this city at all and I wondered what the h* I did with my time here so far. But other times I realized how much love I had for this city, how many of its quirks and details I admired and how thoroughly I got to know Vienna already. I wrote down all my favorite spots and things to do and doing so I fell in love with the city all over again.

I really struggled with finishing though, because I always felt like I had MORE to say and that there are so many amazing things in Vienna I haven’t mentioned yet. Since I had limited space, I told myself in the end, that this won’t be the last travel and writing related project I’ll be doing on Vienna and then… I sent it in.

When I got notice that MY E-book is published and available my heart was racing and I forgot all about my “secret” project plans and told about every person I knew about it. And here I am now, telling YOU too! 🙂

If you are interested in having a look at it you’ll be able to get it HERE and HERE on Amazon!  J (up to now – in German only! )

I hope I’ll be finishing my other two projects soon too… but to be honest… I don’t know about that puzzle… 😉


Autor: lileeanna

Currently living in Vienna, passionate about traveling the world ,Social Media, Cheesecake and Soulmates.

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