On finishing …


I don’t know how you feel about it, but to me there is hardly anything more satisfying than finishing a project. Be it a puzzle I’ve been working on for what seems like ages, a thesis for university or a genuine project of the heart.

I’ve been working on all three of those in the last half a year and a while ago I was able to finish at least ONE of them. (No … it’s not the puzzle! 😉 )
I finished the travel guide I wrote for Booktrip.de.

This project was something I started at a pretty difficult time of my life. A time when a breakup with my then boyfriend was one of the minor problems I had to face.
I was stressed out with work, I had too much on my plate and I struggled with about every single decision I made in my life up to then.

I thought of this project as some kind of refuge, something that had nothing to do with the rest of my chores and responsibilities.
I started to sit down at my laptop after a nine hour day at work or university and worked on this project whenever I could.

I did a lot of research on Vienna and learned a lot about the city I’m calling home for 7 years now.  Sometimes I felt like I didn’t know this city at all and I wondered what the h* I did with my time here so far. But other times I realized how much love I had for this city, how many of its quirks and details I admired and how thoroughly I got to know Vienna already. I wrote down all my favorite spots and things to do and doing so I fell in love with the city all over again.

I really struggled with finishing though, because I always felt like I had MORE to say and that there are so many amazing things in Vienna I haven’t mentioned yet. Since I had limited space, I told myself in the end, that this won’t be the last travel and writing related project I’ll be doing on Vienna and then… I sent it in.

When I got notice that MY E-book is published and available my heart was racing and I forgot all about my “secret” project plans and told about every person I knew about it. And here I am now, telling YOU too! 🙂

If you are interested in having a look at it you’ll be able to get it HERE and HERE on Amazon!  J (up to now – in German only! )

I hope I’ll be finishing my other two projects soon too… but to be honest… I don’t know about that puzzle… 😉

Liebster Award


Wohooo…I got nominated for the Liebster Award! 😀 Big thanks to Bernhard for nominating my blog. Of course I heard about the Award already and I always thought it a wonderful idea. It’s an act of support and acknowledges fellow blogger and it also shows that you like the work somebody does on his or her blog. It is also a great way to discover new blogs and to find out more about the people behind blogs you like.
For me, it is a great honor to be nominated, since my blog is still in its fledgling stage 😉

How does it work ?

The person (who was nominated for the Liebster Award as well) who nominates a blog can ask other blogger 11 questions, which they should answer in a blogpost. Following that, the nominee nominates another 11 blogger and asks them 11 questions as well. And so on and so on!

There are also some rules to the whole thing:

  1. Show some manners and thank the person who nominated you! 🙂 Also, since boosting reach and networking is one of the main motivations for this award, add the blog link of the blogger who nominated you to your post.
  2. Answer the 11 questions you got asked by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate another 11 blogs you like for the Liebster Award
  4. Put together 11 questions for those blogger.
  5. Write down the rules for the Liebster Award in your post.
  6. Inform your nominees about their nomination.

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