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As I mentioned a while ago, I was writing a Vienna travel guide for
In case you are interested (and understand German 😉 )  – have a look at it HERE:

Vienna Travel Guide


On finishing …


I don’t know how you feel about it, but to me there is hardly anything more satisfying than finishing a project. Be it a puzzle I’ve been working on for what seems like ages, a thesis for university or a genuine project of the heart.

I’ve been working on all three of those in the last half a year and a while ago I was able to finish at least ONE of them. (No … it’s not the puzzle! 😉 )
I finished the travel guide I wrote for

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Fall in Vienna

Vienna is beautiful all year round, but during fall and spring I always feel like it got some extra bit of sparks.  Since spring is long past and the next one not really around the corner, I am focusing all my vienna-love on fall. It’s only the end of september but when strolling around town you can already see the leaves turn and slowly but steady the whole city is going to turn golden. For me, fall is always a time of new beginnings. It’s the start of the new semester at uni and I usually return to vienna from my summer in Upperaustria or abroad. This time of the year I always feel like I’m full of energy ,zest for action and ready to conquer the world.

Golden Vienna
Golden Vienna

So far I loved every single fall in vienna, there is so many things to do and after the hot summer days where you basically spend all your time either inside (where there is air conditioning) or at some kind of beach or swimming pool, the temperature is perfect again to stroll around town all day and actually DO things. 🙂

So, today (and since it’s sooo much, probably in my next post 😉 ) I’m going to let you know what kind of things I love to do on a saturday in Vienna.
First thing I’m thinking about on a saturday morning is „Where do I want to go for Breakfast?“ Viennas breakfast and brunch scene is booming in the last few years. I usually check  blogs like Die Frühstückerinnen  or  various Instagram accounts (Breakfastinvienna, Viennaeats) to get inspired.  Since I’m vegetarian I don’t really go to traditional Cafés, but instead love to go to modern, mostly young ones. They always have something for me on their menue! 😉
Some of my absolute favorites are:
Ulrich Cafe (they even give you blankets, so you can still sit outside and enjoy the unique charm of the Ulrichsplatz.)
Das Augustin ( they have a house cat that , when you’r lucky, comes up to you so snuggle a bit while you are there.)
Neni am Naschmarkt (Naschmarkt is always a good idea! 🙂 )
Motto am Fluss (great location, but make sure to make reservations)

My favorite breakfast choice at the Ulrich.
My favorite breakfast choice at the Ulrich. „The big Easy“.

Next stop usually includes a park stroll, my absolute favorite is the Augarten, I love walking around those gorgeous alleys, looking at the Flaktürme.

Flakturm in the Augarten
Flakturm in the Augarten

Since it’s saturday and the shops are open, I always take some time for (window)shopping. The main shopping streets in vienna are usually crazy packed on saturday, so I avoid those and instead explore smaller streets. There are so many unique and awesome little shops all over vienna. Some of my favorite discoveries lately are the neighborhood around the westlicht museum. I totally fell for all the vintage camera shops around this area , especially the Leicashop  I also love browsing through book shops like the Walther König.

For my daily afternoon coffee ( I’m Viennese, I can’t go without a coffeebreak at least once every afternoon) I have a few places I absolutely love. On top of my list is the Pure Living Bakery ( Best cappuccino ever, and they even make the foam look like a teddy bear!) and the coffee pirates ( their coffee is absolutely amazing and they have a huge coffee mill in the middle of the room).

Teddy Cappuccino at the Pure Living Bakery!
Teddy Cappuccino at the Pure Living Bakery!

After my (by then badly needed) caffeine dose, I’m ready for some culture, history or art. Thankfully vienna has plenty of those to offer! 🙂 There are so many museums and art galleries in vienna, that I haven’t had time to visit them all yet, but my latest favorites are the Westlicht  and the 21erHaus.

More in my next post! 🙂 For more vienna pictures:


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Vienna love


I am living in Vienna now for almost 6 years, which is quite shocking for me to be honest… where did the time go? well… anyway… Since day 1, Vienna and I have this love-hate relationship going on. Every year during the loooooong winter months, when all the Christmas markets closed up , when the Christmas decorations and all the lights are gone , my love for Vienna slowly but steadily fades away. Every year I feel like there is no colors and life left in the city… everywhere you look you see GREY… grey facades, grey streets, grey skies, grey faces and worst of all… grumpy Viennese people.


Every year, this is about the time when I start daydreaming about moving to faraway places again. My thoughts wander to south-american beaches, untouched New Zealand landscapes, to hot and vivid cities and crowds of joyful people.

But then… comes spring. And with the first warm day of the year, you can see Vienna transform into one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And for that reason, come spring… every year Vienna wins over my heart again.


There are hundreds of things I really love about the city during spring and summer, definitely to many to list them all.

I love that there is so many parks in Vienna. You never have to walk more then 15 minutes to stumble upon a piece of gorgeous nature… even in the center of the city. Definitely among my favorites it the Augarten in the second district, besides of the beautiful tree alleys and the imposing remains of the Flaktürme there is also a special kind of crowd hanging out in the Augarten. From sporty people with their slack-lines, Frisbee players, footballer or runners, to artsy people painting in the middle of the lawn or playing their instruments , or groups of people laughing their hearts out whilst doing laughter yoga and kids having the time of their lives on birthday parties. You will find everything in the Augarten, this, for me,  plays a big role in creating this special kind of Augarten vibe that I love so much.

I also love the fact that it is totally normal for everybody that you just sit outside in summer ( anywhere in the city and at all times of the day) with a can of beer in your hand and do nothing for the rest of the day, other than maybe grab something to eat and call your friends to join you.


I love that in summer, almost everything in Vienna happens outside, and the best part is, that most of these things are for free. Especially if you like movies, Vienna is probably the best city to live in during summer.

Volxkino, Kino unter Sternen, Kino wie noch nie… those are just a few of the many open air-movie events that happen in Vienna all summer long. For me, an official movie addict,  it’s always a mission impossible to decide which one I want to go to…especially because I can’t (or at least shouldn’t) spend every single evening watching a movie somewhere. I’m afraid all those papers for university won’t write themselves! ;P

I also love that with the whole drinking in public places, come hundreds of outdoor events. This year, I feel like there is a public pop-up party, street festival, pick nick or other kinds of open air -events happening every day. Starting from the classics, like the Donauinselfest and the Stadtfest  to new events like the Spontantechno parties, organized by


There is so many new things happening now in Vienna,  there is new stores , bars, cafe’s opening up every single day, Vienna is full of life during summer and at the moment I wouldn’t want to live in a different place at all. Definitely not until it gets cold again… then I’ll probably be dreaming about moving to South America, Australia or New Zealand again.

But I’m sure… even though, Vienna and I are going through rough patches every winter… I’ll fall in love again with the first day of spring.

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One of my favorite spots in Vienna. Donaukanal ❤


Cappuccino Perfektion!
Cappuccino Perfektion!

Ich muss zugeben, ich zähle definitiv zur Kategorie „Kaffee ist mein Frühstück“. Egal wie oft ich mir schon vorgenommen habe endlich die Ratschläge von Ärzten, Gesundheits-Gurus, Fitness-Beratern, meiner Oma u.v.m. ernst zu nehmen, geschafft hab ich es doch nie ,dass ich mir das ausgewogene Frühstücken am Morgen angewöhne.  Ganz anders stehe ich aber dem Brunchen gegenüber!! Seit ich damals ein Jahr in den USA gewohnt habe, bin ich ein Fan dieser IT-Mahlzeit! In den USA traf ich mich mindestens 3 mal die Woche zum Brunch mit meinen Freunden. Als sich mein Au-Pair Jahr damals dem Ende näherte, war ich mir sicher, dass die Brunch-Meetings zu jenen Dingen zählen würden, die ich in Österreich am meisten vermissen würde.

Wien hat sich ja über die Jahre zu einem wahren Hot-Spot des Brunchens entwickelt, man könnte sieben Tage die Woche, ein ganzes Jahr lang zum Brunch ausgehen und doch noch nicht alle Lokale der Stadt durchgebruncht haben! Und das ist auch gut so! 🙂  Obwohl es bei der enormen Anzahl an Brunch-Lokalen schon enorm schwierig ist sich für eines zu entscheiden.

Blogs wie gehören also für mich zur täglichen Morgen-Lektüre. Und ich bin bekanntlich nicht die einzige die sich von den frühstückenden Damen inspirieren lässt und damit bereits den einen oder anderen Brunch-Himmel entdeckt hat!!

So wie auch dieses Wochenende! Dank den Frühstückerinnen bin ich auf das Lokal Das Augustin gestoßen. Wie ich inzwischen weiß, ist es lange schon kein Geheimtipp mehr, sondern schon fixer Bestandteil der „MUST-GO-BRUNCH-THERE“ -Lokale Wiens!

Gleich beim Betreten des Lokals weiß man, dass man sich dort wohl fühlen wird. Die urige Holzverkleidung, ohne viel schnick-schnack, die beiden Hauskatzen, die sich immer mal wieder von Gästen liebkosen lassen, die frischen Blumen und das freundliche Personal haben definitiv dazu beigetragen ,dass das Augustin in Zukunft öfter von mir besucht wird.

Nicht zu vergessen aber….  die Frühstücks-Variationen selbst!! ❤  Ich hab mich an diesem Tag für das Frühstück „Go Vegan“ entschieden. Der warme Wrap mit Avocado, Salat, Tofu, Gurken und Tomaten Fülle und das Zimt Porridge bringen mich immer noch zum schwärmen

Go Vegan

Die beiden Freundinnen mit denen ich dort war, haben sich auch für eine Veggie-Variation entschieden. „Go Earth“ war ihre Wahl. Auch sie waren beide total begeistert. Wir haben einstimmig beschlossen, dass wir auf alle Fälle wieder kommen werden!!